At Silver Pyramids, We Shape Dreams into Code

The heart longs for home, and for our founder, that was Egypt. A love for the land where he was nurtured and inspired led him back. Tanta, a city brimming with untapped potential, became the canvas for his first office in Egypt. Here, he sought to be the catalyst for dreams, offering opportunities to the ambitious souls seeking their chance.

A vision took root - a multinational enterprise spanning continents. In 2022, this dream began its ascent. Plans for new offices in Cairo and Alexandria (Egypt) unfurled, setting the stage for a broader horizon. With every expansion, Silver Pyramids aims not just for growth, but to be the beacon of hope for countless more, lighting their path to success in the Middle East, Africa, and the Gulf region.

Choose Excellence: Our Edge


Empowering Dreams Through Innovative Solutions.


Bridging continents through innovative software solutions and strategic digital marketing services.

Core Values:

  • Experience: Honed over decades.
  • Quality: Etched into every line of code.
  • Investing in People: Nurturing Talent, Unleashing Potential.
  • Innovation: Pioneering Solutions for a Dynamic World.
  • Commitment: Delivering Beyond Expectations, Every Time.

We believe in delivering, not just selling. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and are always available to provide support and guidance, and this is the foundation of every promise we make.

Our Unique Approach to Development and Vision for the Future.

Investing in People, Unleashing Potential, Building Futures

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, staying relevant isn't just a choice, it's a responsibility. At Silver Pyramids, we believe in the power of continuous growth. Through the Management By Objective (MBO) system, we set clear objectives, aligning our efforts towards a common goal. Training, development, and personal growth are not just checkboxes; they're the essence of our philosophy.

We utilize world-class software tools to help streamline project management, and customer relationship management making us not just efficient, but environmentally conscious. We reduce paperwork, embrace eco-friendliness, and do our part to combat pollution.

Where Software Meets Strategy: A Unique Synergy

At Silver Pyramids, we recognize the seamless dance between software development and digital marketing. Serving our clients holistically, we believe that internal excellence paves the way to external success. It's a union that sets us apart in an industry where such comprehensive solutions are a rarity.

Innovation with Integrity, Growth with Gratitude

Silver Pyramids is not just a company; it's a partner in progress. Teaming up with "Generis" led to the birth of CARA-based products poised to revolutionize the software landscape. Our expansion is measured, deliberate, and rooted in stability. Before we leap, we ensure our foundations are strong.

Through "Redactor" and “Matters Works”, document security and legal systems products respectively, we're opening doors to new possibilities. But our growth isn't just about numbers; it's about our commitment to society, a promise we hold dear and close.

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